Live well in Flic en Flac

Mauritius offers a variety of different accommodation options. For our language course participants we recommend the west coast with the towns of Flic en Flac, Tamarin, Albion etc. as many of our teachers live in the center of the island and the connection to these places is very good.

The travel agency in your area will certainly have some suggestions and will be happy to advise you. In addition, the well-known online portals such as and offer a large selection of information, photos and reviews.

Of course we are also happy to help you and share our experiences and local information with you

Shared Apartments:  

Flic en Flac has a limited number of shared apartments. These are usually furnished holiday apartments with three to four bedrooms. The bedroom is the space that is available to you alone. Shower, toilet, kitchen and living room are shared and kept in order. The facility is adequate. The distance to the beach is between 100 and 800 meters. The minimum rental period is one month. The price per day starts at € 25.50. Unfortunately, the offer is very limited. 

Apartment Bed and Breadfast ist möglich

Studio, smaller apartments

Furnished holiday apartment with one or two bedrooms, shower, toilet, kitchen and living room. The facility is adequate. The distance to the beach is between 100 and 800 meters. Booking with breakfast possible. The minimum rental period is one week.
The price per day starts at € 42.50.

Hotels von 3 bis 5 Sterne möglich

Hotels: 3-5 Stars

Good middle class hotel, ***
All types of hotels are available for short booking periods. Everything is available from the 3 to 5 star hotel. The image shown here belongs to the Manisa Hotel in Flic en Flac. It is just across the street from the beach. It has good ratings and is also very popular with Mauritians. Breakfast is included in the price. There is no minimum rental period.
The price per day starts at € 85.


Some additional information about the accommodation:

Room service

Always included in hotel bookings: For self-catering studios etc, we provide room service 3 times a week for changing towels and basic cleaning

Free Wi-Fi

Internet access is usually included in the respective system. Otherwise we will provide you with access with a transfer volume of 25GB / month.

Free Parking

There are enough free parking spaces in or at the accommodation facility.